Marketing in the 21st Century

March, 2020

Bill Smith

No doubt, marketing is one of your organization’s most important priorities. Are you a public agency trying to keep the public informed about services, policies, or procedures? Are you an equipment provider looking to reach new customers? Are you a consultant hoping to find new clients and strategic partners? It doesn’t matter what type of organization you are, every agency, company, and consultancy needs to constantly be communicating with key constituencies to let them know what they do, how they do it, and why its important. 

There are numerous elements to any marketing program, and one of the most important is public relations. PR has always been the most effective way to reach large numbers of people. An article in an industry publication can reach tens of thousands of people with an interest in your project or expertise; a story in a local media outlet can reach hundreds of thousands; and a national placement can reach millions. When you want to demonstrate the superiority of your products, your people, or your services, PR has always been the effective and cost-effective strategy.

But today, technology is raising the bar when it comes to using PR to support your business development and marketing efforts. The advent of social media allows parking organizations to take the positive publicity they’ve generated and disseminate it more widely than ever before. By posting coverage on LinkedIn, FaceBook, twitter, and other social media platforms, it’s you can reach people in numbers that were unimaginable just a few short years ago. 

This year at PIE, PR guru Bill Smith of Smith Phillips Strategic Communications will partner with social media expert Craig Wilson of Logan Finley Communications to offer a presentation entitled, Getting the Word Out: Using PR and Social Media to Promote the Best Parking Experience. In their presentation, Bill and Craig will discuss how public relations and social media marketing can combine to maximize the impact of any parking organization’s marketing effort. They will best practice advice on how to create an effective public relations campaign, how to build a robust social media strategy, and how to combine the two to increase the effectiveness of both. They will also offer case studies of successful programs to demonstrate how these approaches can succeed in practice.

Join Bill and Craig Monday March 23 at 9:10 AM to become part of this most important discussion.