City of Portland, OR, Renews Contract With Schweers for Enforcement Devices

March, 2015

 Schweers Technologies has announced the renewal of its contract with the City of Portland, OR. A customer since 2003, Portland renewed its contract for 65 X600 handheld devices complete with 2 D bar code scanner, GPS tracking of enforcement officers and a sophisticated real-time timing module. 

The company worked hand-in-hand with the municipality to develop its complex parking solution.  Acting as partners and subsequently empowering each other, they were able to find new solutions and thereby offer a higher degree of service to the public, while increasing returns and benefits to the city.

With integrated thermal printers, integrated color cameras and real-time capabilities, the X600 handheld devices are designed, the company says, to withstand the heat of Abu Dhabi, the snowy winters of New York ... and the rain of Portland, OR.  

As innovators in the field of parking enforcement systems, web-based operations and handheld applications, Schweers creates reliable integrated service for easy, straight forward, handheld parking enforcement. 

[Source: Schweers Technologies]