Which Intercom server model suits me best?

June 9, 2017

Parking facilities came in a variety of sizes and complexities, ranging from small parking lots, to small and medium sized parking garages, to large stand-alone facilities, to networked parking organizations that incorporate all of the above. Commend is uniquely capable of supplying the ideal Parking Communication Solution to all Parking Operations.

Software Intercom Server – WORLD FIRST

Intercom power for virtualized IT infrastructures

Several years ago Commend introduced the world’s first software-based Intercom System for virtualized IT infrastructures. In terms of audio quality, functionality, networking and ICX interface support, the Software Intercom Server provides the same performance as its hardware-based ‘brothers’. Whether locally or via remote maintenance, configuration and licensing is a breeze, thanks to Commend’s proven CCT software tool.

–– Scalability – up to 30,000 IP subscribers, depending on available processing capacity

–– High availability – use of existing virtualized IT infrastructures with uniform redundancy policy

–– Reduced overall costs – integration in existing IT infrastructures saves expenses (server hardware, staff, electricity)

Intercom Servers GE 800 and GE 300

Destined to handle big responsibilities

Commend’s IP and hard wire based Intercom Servers adapt easily and flexibly to your project requirements while remaining fully compatible with previous system generations. IP Intercom Server generations GE 800 and GE 300 offer Intercom management at the highest level for all IP-based, digital and analog Intercom

stations, as well as for SIP servers and SIP-based and analogue telephones.

–– Up to 896 subscribers per server

–– Support of IP, digital, analogue and SIP technologies

–– Interface cards for easy integration of third-party systems 

IP Intercom Server IS 300

Concentrated Intercom power

IS 300 is a compact, cost-efficient Intercom Server of the latest generation. It can be operated both as a stand-alone unit and as part of larger Intercom network environments. Compact in design, yet packed with full Commend Intercom Server power, the IS 300 is the perfect answer to the requirements of small to medium sized installations and satellite solutions which operate their small-sized system in-house (e.g. car parks).

–– Up to 64 IP subscribers per server

–– Resource saving energy consumption (2.2 Watts, amounting to $4.30 annual cost at assumed rate of $0.22 per kWh)

–– Vibration-resistant as per IEC 61373

–– Suitable for wall-mounting, desktop placement and in-rack installation

–– Installs easily in no time at all

The brand new S6 – The ultimate Intercom Appliance

Designed as a powerful all-in-one Intercom appliance, the new S6 Server Series now brings to regular server rooms what used to be limited to specialized IT environments: the full spectrum of powerful VirtuoSIS technology, and more – in the form of a compact (1 U x 19”) Rack Mount all-in-one hardware and software package.

For small Parking Applications Commend offers also Serverless communication

Commend stations come with enough built-in intelligence to make a server unnecessary. SIP stations and SIP capable telephones interface seamlessly into an intelligent, independent communication network without the need for a controlling server.

Qualities shared by all Commend Intercom Servers

Reliable – Availability and security are non-negotiable when security and even lives are at stake.

16 kHz sound experience – High definition audio in 16 kHz quality: The audible quality feature ‘powered by Intercom 2.0’ delivers the speech signal in supreme, crystal clear quality.

Easy networking – IP networks interconnect locations around the globe. Up to 30,000 subscribers can communicate within any of these networks

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